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One Direction, "Steal My Girl"

Oct 24, 2014
One Direction,

The London-based pop boy band, One Direction, featured a young chimpanzee named Eli in their latest music video, "Steal My Girl". In addition to appearing in the video, the chimp was photographed with the band's members for several media reports, including a photo in which Eli is attached to a chain. An English animal rights charity has spoken out against the band's innappropriate use of the young chimpanzee as an entertainment figure and asked that the video be taken down from the internet.

Steven Tyler, "(It) Feels So Good"

May 12, 2011
Steven Tyler,

Steven Tyler's first solo album features the single "It Feels so Good" which premiered on American Idol on May 12, 2011.  It featured a range of exotic animals including a young clothed chimpanzee.

Rush, "Tom Sawyer"


When Canadian rock band Rush went on tour in 2011, they filmed a music video to play on a large screen on stage as they performed their 1981 hit song "Tom Sawyer". In the video, which is on the tour's Live in Cleveland DVD, the three band members briefly turn into chimpanzees, wearing clothes and holding intruments.

Bag Raiders, "Sunlight"

Dec 21, 2010
Bag Raiders,

This video is the 2nd single from Bag Raiders self-titled debut record, Sunlight.  French directors Fleur&Manu, set up a narrative about a zoo keeper and her chimp boyfriend CoCo.  The video shows their first date which ends with the chimpanzee getting arrested due to 'poor conduct.'

Kelly Crook, "Can't Stop"

Kelly Crook,

In this video, the second by 9-year old Texan pop singer Kelly Crook, a group of young girls have a slumber party which includes appearances by a chimpanzee.  Kelly takes the chimpanzee for a walk on the beach at the conclusion of the video.

All Time Low, "Dear Maria, Count Me In"

All Time Low,

Baltimore's All Time Low featured Louie the chimpanzee in their 2008 music video for the single "Dear Maria, count me in".

Fall Out Boy, "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs"

Mar 27, 2007
Fall Out Boy,

In this video, multiple chimpanzees dressed in human clothing are on the set, acting as directors, filming with cameras, serving food and playing stringed instruments.

Barenaked Ladies, "Another Postcard"

Barenaked Ladies,

A song by Canadian band Barenaked Ladies from their 2003 album "Everything to Everyone." 

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a protagonist who has been receiving anonymous postcards featuring images of chimpanzees.  The campy video features a monsterous chimpanzee (played by a young chimpanzee "actor") wreaking havoc across a cityscape.  The chimpanzee eventually reaches the CN Tower and climbs the building reminiscent of King Kong.

Weezer, "Island in the Sun"


This song is from the band's self-titled album also known as "The Green Album." There are two different versions of the "Island in the Sun" video. The second version features Weezer playing with various wild and domesticated animals including a young chimpanzee, a bear cub, and two lion cubs.

Marilyn Manson, "Disposable Teens"

Marilyn Manson,

In this video, a chimpanzee is seen swinging from a wooden cross and sitting on a throne at a table.