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Vivian Vreeman

  • Keo: Lincoln Park's Zoo oldest ape

    Date: Apr 21, 2010
    Author: Vivian Vreeman

    The year is 1959. Lincoln Park Zoo is looking to expand its animal collection, so it does what any zoo would do at that time: plan a collecting trip. A few zoo officials pack their bags and head off to Africa in hopes of finding a few more animals for the zoo’s collection. The destination of this particular trip is Kumasi, Ghana. The goal: to find chimpanzees.

    In the 1940s and 50s, when zoos wanted to add to their animal collections, they just went out into the wild. With...

  • Jane Goodall: ambassador for all living creatures

    Date: Apr 7, 2010
    Author: Vivian Vreeman

    If you asked the average person on the street what primatology is they probably wouldn’t have an answer. But if you asked them about scientists who have studied primates one person would probably come to their mind. This person has opened the world’s eyes to the field of primatology through her work with chimpanzees in the wild. Her discoveries have changed the way we think about our closest living relatives and our own evolutionary history. Her determination and compassion...